Top Tips for Finding Hidden Leaks in Your Home

Hidden sewer and water leaks present a series of problems for homeowners. Unfortunately, finding these leaks is necessary to prevent costly water damage. So, how do you know when to call for professional water leak detection service?

At My Hayward Plumber Hero, we’ve put together a list of signs and symptoms to keep a lookout for. Stay alert to the following:

  • Does water sound like it’s rushing through your walls when it’s not on?
  • Has the water meter reading changed when no one is using water?
  • Have your water bills rose gradually over the past weeks or months?
  • Have you noticed wet spots on the floor for no reason?
  • Do you have a slab foundation that has suddenly developed hot spots?

If you answer yes to any of the above, call one of our licensed plumbers in Hayward immediately for professional leak detection services. Specialists have tools that detect the tiniest leaks that create huge problems.

Common Household Leaks

Although leaks are elusive, they aren’t original. In fact, most households experience leaks in the same areas. These areas include the kitchen, bathroom, basement, and laundry room. Small leaks pop up in kitchens due to loosened pipes under the sink, poorly installed garbage disposals, and bad pipe connections.

In bathrooms, leaks occur under sinks, around toilets, and inside toilets. Toilets leaks inside the bowl or tank of the toilet often cause little visible damage and add up over time. When toilets run non-stop or for longer than normal, you pay the price on your water bill.

Laundry rooms experience plumbing issues too because of the water line connections to the washing machine. Replacing plastic pipes with stainless steel connections prevents many leaky pipe situations.

Basements are the scene of slab leaks and water heater leaks. This area of the home also tends to leak due to floor or wall cracks as a result of foundation issues. Additionally, water pipes run under the basement flooring and shift over time. The smallest shifts create enough friction that pipes may break. Depending on the length of time the leak went unnoticed, a slab leak has the potential to cause serious structural issues.

Schedule Annual Leak Detection Service

Some leaks are tricky. While some leaks make themselves known, others keep you guessing. Don’t let hidden leaks get the better of you. Stay on top of potential leaky problems by scheduling annual electronic leak detection services. The small out-of-pocket expense for this valuable maintenance service, saves you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in the long run.

Schedule your service call with My Hayward Plumber Hero today!

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