Expert Sewer Repair and Replacement in Hayward, CA

Need a quote for sewer repair and replacement in Hayward? Call the local company with decades of experience working in the area and providing complex residential and commercial plumbing.  At My Hayward Plumber Hero, we take it to the next level. Read on to learn more about our company and the services we provide.

About My Hayward Plumber Hero

Our services aim to fix sewer problems caused by normal aging, poor installation, and excessive wear and tear. Our licensed sewer contractors in Hayward, CA, have proven over and over again to be the best at what they do. When you need digging done today on public property or permits pulled, our exceptional team gets it done fast. While there are plenty of plumbing services through the area, none can deliver the expertise or quality that we do.

Of course, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Instead, ask our clients and they’ll tell you about their experiences. Being in business for decades means something in a time when companies come and go. We’ve been an intricate part of the community for so long because we always deliver – guaranteed!

No-dig Trenchless Sewer Line Options

We’ve never met a property owner who was excited to have their yard dug up to fix a sewer problem. Luckily, thanks to trenchless technology, we can give our customers better options. Most sewer repair and replacement jobs we do get done using trenchless methods such as pipe bursting or pipe relining. If you think you need sewer line repair or replacement, call us and ask us about these innovative pipe repair methods.

24-Hour Emergency Sewer Line Services

Sewer line problems happen around the clock. In fact, the most serious problems tend to happen when least expected. Did you know that waiting even a few hours to get service contributes significantly to the cost of the job? At My Hayward Plumber Hero, when a sewer line breaks or clogs, you need qualified contractors on the scene right away.

Call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week! We offer competitive rates, never charge overtime, and always give free on-site quotes.

Septic to Sewer Conversion

More and more property owners are interested in septic to sewer conversion. Operating a septic system is sometimes more work than property owners want, especially when a municipal sewer system in available. Maintaining a septic system requires septic tank pumping and other routine tasks that can add up cost-wise. Hooking onto the municipal sewer system offer property owners many benefits. If you’re interested in learning more about this service, call us to see if your property qualifies.

When you need a sewer service near you, My Hayward Plumber Hero is ready to help. Call us today to schedule a service call!