My Toilet Drains Slowly – Do I Need Toilet Repair Service?

Hayward plumbers available 24/7 for toilet repair service. Slow draining toilets make it unpleasant to use the bathroom and should make you take pause. A toilet that is operating normally should drain quickly without problems. If you have a toilet in your home that isn’t flushing as quickly as it once did, you may need toilet repair service by Hayward plumbers.

Drain Cleaning Service May Take Care of the Problem

Most of the time a slow flowing toilet is a sign of blockage in the drain or pipes. Before you call a licensed plumber, you may want to try plunging the toilet and see if this solves the problem. If it does, great. You probably had a shallow clog. If the problem persists after plunging, the blockage may be too deep in the pipe to be affected by plunging. In a scenario like this, you’ll need professional drain cleaning service.

At My Hayward Plumber Hero, we use hydro jet drain cleaning most of the time (as opposed to drain snaking) to clear clogged pipes. Using this drain cleaning technique, we’re able to clear the entire clog instead of poking a whole through it and leaving a mess that can reform into another blockage later down the road. When contacting a drain cleaning plumber, it’s always best to ask which method they will use.

You May Need Pipe Repair

Sometimes, upon further inspection, it may be determined that the problem isn’t because of a blockage. It may be that the pipes were installed incorrectly or become misaligned. Homeowners who don’t catch problems like this right away risk more expensive plumbing repairs due to water leaks. A professional Hayward plumber won’t just assume a clogged drain is the problem. Our guys will use video camera equipment to get a complete view of what’s going on with your slow draining toilet.

For immediate toilet repair service in Hayward, call the drain cleaning experts with a proven record of accuracy and affordable pricing. We’re available 24/7 to meet all our customers’ schedules.

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